Daily Grind

This was a very productive day -well, if personal hygiene and a clean home aren’t high priorities on your list.

JD had a job today so he got up early, which woke the dogs, which woke ME, so there I sat at 7 a.m., on the couch with nothing to do. That’s when I realized that I hadn’t seen the SMASH finale. Oh, sweet Smash. How I’m going to miss your musical numbers, saucy gay leads, and Jack Davenport as the gigolo director with a heart of gold. I can’t believe they cancelled this show! 19 versions of CSI and SVU’s but not one good show about Broadway? Some days this world ain’t worth living, amiright Kittens?

Anyhoo. After catching up on my tv show, I went to the office and caught up on my work, then came in the house and caught up on my celebrity gossip. Did you know that P Diddy doesn’t want to marry Kim Kardashian? Shocking, I know. I didn’t actually read the article as to WHY, but I’m sure he has a good reason. As in, she’s a Kardashian.

THEN I did a load of laundry, followed a bunch of people on Twitter, read some political blogs, shared some watermelon with my daughter, downloaded a new YA book that my 12 year old niece told me about, and made a faux-Wendy’s Frosty. And by “faux”, I mean “not even close.”

It wasn’t HORRIBLE, but let’s not compare it to Wendy’s. The recipe: 3/4 cup almond milk, 2 tbs of cocoa powder, 1 tsp vanilla, 1/3 banana and ice.  It was not nearly sweet enough for me so I added a heaping tsp of sweetener. Decent and only 100 calories.

J picked up Moon for an afternoon of fun at her house, so I lay down to read my new book, but only until JD got home. I had to make sure he knew what to cook for dinner.  While he cooked tofu and rice, I showered and put on some clean yoga pants because I know nothing tells a man you appreciate him like dressing and brushing your teeth at least once a day.

THEN JD left to go get Moon and I sat on the couch to finish another tv show – Ripper Streets, because it’s a good historical drama. Also, Matthew Macfayden.

The only tough part of the day was when JD went to bed and started freaking out cause he found a tick on his leg. He didn’t seem all that happy to learn it was just a watermelon seed. Yes, I’m fully aware that when my husband leaves me, none of you will be on my side. It’s the cross I bear.

2 thoughts on “Daily Grind

  1. “The perfect date for me would be staying at home, making a big picnic in bed, eating Wotsits and cookies while watching cable TV.”
    -Kim Kardashian

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