Crazy People doing Crazy Things

I spent the weekend in Virginia with my lovely sister and her crazy friends/family/mother. It was time for ANOTHER vintage fashion show, (I believe this was the 189th annual one) where ladies of a certain age come together to buy vintage purses and jewelry. Or as my brother calls it, Hags with Bags.

Before we could actually prepare things to SELL, we needed to BUY some stuff. Luckily, Grundy has about 7 QVC overstock stores, and we were able to find one that hadn’t recently burned down. The highlight of the shopping trip was when my sister pointed my mother to some bargains on the other side of the store and my mom screamed, “I HATE IT OVER THERE!” We know a breakdown when we see one so immediately began to laugh, I mean investigate. Seems a woman was “talking” over there and driving mom crazy. “You mean that elderly lady who looks like she’s had a stroke?”  Yeah, that one. Despite the poor woman’s terrible habit of “talking”, we were able to find my mother some cute outfits to match her sunny disposition.

The show was a great success and everyone was happy and afterwards we all jumped in Tania’s pool, fully clothed, to celebrate. Okay, that was just me and by “jumped” I mean “got pushed” and by “celebrate”  I mean “pee”.

Moon didn’t come on the trip, opting instead to hang with her dad and go to ComicCon, so I brought Rimfire. She was fine the entire trip until we started the long car ride home and she tried to tell me that Harry Styles looks “adorable” in this picture:


He has a man bun. Enough said.

Rimfire is crazy, but I think I’ve established that she comes by it honestly.



One thought on “Crazy People doing Crazy Things

  1. We had a great time at Tania the Mad’s house. Don’t believe everything they tell about the mother.

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