Courtesy of my dogs



This is my sweet baby, Gitzo. She’s almost 13 years old. I was worried that she’s looking old, but JD assured me that dogs live forever. Whew. That took a LOAD off.

We got her right after we got married. She was supposed to protect me while he was away. Uh..not so much. This is a dog that shakes and hides behind me when a loud truck drives by. Still…she’s a love bug, so we keep her.

Do you have a love bug of your own? Purina is giving away a $3.50 cent coupon AND when you sign up, they will donate a bag of food to your local shelter. Click HERE to go to the site. You can hit the back button and print two. I was able to find it on sale and got 2 bags free!


This is Freeda. When we found her she was chained up in a backyard with chewed and bloody ears. We “freed her”. Obviously grateful, she IS a protective dog. She probably won’t bite you, but she might. Go HERE for a band-aid coupon. It’s a dollar off and Target has trial size for .99 cents. So you’re making a PENNY. Not bad for dogs.

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