Conversations with Brownies

Junior Cadette (about 15, earning her badge by teaching the young ones): Today we’re going to learn about respect. Being a good listener shows respect, so let’s play the Telephone Game!

Brownies: Yea!

JC: Okay, listen carefully.  (whispering into the first Brownie’s ear) Shmushu wisthssu shimttislg

Brownie 1: Huh?

Brownie 2: What?

Brownie 3 -8: Huh? smuch wichcie idkdle What?

JC: Okay, you’re the last one, tell us what you heard.

Brownie shaking her head: No

JC: Oh, come on. Tell everyone the word.

Brownie: Well, okay.  HORNY!

JC: Uh. Wow. That was so NOT what I said.

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