Me: How was it?

MP: It was the BEST day of my life!

Me: So did you miss us at all?

MP: Mmmm, no.

JD: I put MoonPie’s name and our phone number in her backpack, but I left out our address in case it gets stolen.

Me: What are you talking about?

JD: I don’t want the little thieves knowing where we live!

Me: They’re 3rd graders. Are they going to rob us on their bicycles?

5 thoughts on “Conversations

  1. Ammo guy… Really?? You think the crazy father who most likely slept horrible that night would have his child there late?? More like WAY early… so he can take every picture imaginable of MP!! With him for her dad… imagine what her wedding will be like!! LOL LOL (btw.. she looks adorable!! glad to see she didn’t wear my swimsuit on her first day! haha)

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