Conversation with the MoonPie


Me: I can’t believe you’re eight. You’ll be twelve, then sixteen, then going off to college and getting married. You’re going to leave me and I can’t take it!

MP: Mama. I’m not going to leave you. I’m not going to get married, and I want to be HOME-colleged. You and dad can teach me.

Me: Really? You won’t move off and live with Brooke and Jemi, and get your own apartment, and drive around town and stay up late?

MP: Oh. You made that sound really fun. I guess I will.

4 thoughts on “Conversation with the MoonPie

  1. Sorry Jemi and Brooke. Rachel is living with cousin Alex until she is older enough to…um….hmmm….she’s living with me until a rich, hansome man comes along and promises to support her and her crazy family. Yep all 2587454516464616 of us.

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