Tania-the-Mad: “So, how much weight have you lost on your 40 Days to Fabulous diet?

Me: “Uh, (hedging) I’m not sure, I’ve not really weighed yet.”

Tania-the-Mad: “Oh. Well, I’ve lost 7 pounds.”

Me: “SEVEN POUNDS IN A WEEK? I’m so happy for you.”

Tania-the-Mad: “I’m trying to be as cool as you although I know that’s impossible. But I have a dream that one day mom and dad will love me as much as they love you.”

I’m paraphrasing, but you get the general idea.

One thought on “Conversation

  1. Huh-I am trying to understand this. I love all you silly children, all my wonderful grandchildren and the cute little great ones.

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