Well, Kittens, apparently the powers-that-be at Moon’s school are too busy perpetuating the global warming myth to recognize important scientific information when they see it. Most people find that agave nectar is not nearly as sweet as sugar and the sweetest of all is Truvia!! Hello, that could change the way the world cooks!

Moon was very disappointed with her 3rd place finish. As a unbiased observer, I’d agree that she was totally cheated. That’s a pie chart made out of a LEMON. It doesn’t get any better than that, amiright?

After that disappointing loss, we gathered ourselves and headed to the tennis courts for Moon’s first ever match.

I’m proud to say she KILLED IT. And by “killed it”, I mean she and her partner were able to serve the ball over the net once or twice and the other team rarely did.

It was a verrrrry looooonng match. Do you know how long it takes to win 8 games when no one knows how to keep score? Or the basic rules of the game? Let’s just say all four girls were sunburned and bored WAY before that score board ever got to 8. Well, everyone except “Helen” who managed to win her match quickly. We all congratulated her on her win, cause we’re too sweet to hold a grudge.

Agave nectar sweet, but it still counts.

One thought on “Competition

  1. Moon Pie looked good on the tennis court what more can you want and I think that coming in 3rd is really good.

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