Competition *UPDATED

Hello, Kittens! Is everyone having a zippetty-doo-dah day? If I sound a little perkier than usual, it’s because I decided to write this blog post in the middle of the day while I was actually awake. We’ll see if it makes any more sense than usual.  I’m actually in a FINE mood because I’m doing something really exciting tonight. That’s right – BRIDGE. But not just the usual night of bridge where I get beat and eat myself into a carbo-loaded coma, but a bridge night at the CLUB, where I nervously eat myself into a carbo-loaded coma THEN go get beat. See the difference? Not that I’m really worried. Carolyn and I are going to DESTROY somebody.

Ahem. Sorry, but there’s something about competition that gets me fired up. Speaking of which, MoonPie has totally caught the tennis fever! Well, fever for the clothes. I found a $50.00 Nike skirt in her size at Goodwill for less than four dollars and the girl loves it. She struts around the court like she paid full retail. Helen? She wears jeans. I think we all know who the real winner is, amiright?

Winning runs in the family. This past weekend, we went to see Rimfire kick serious booty in the National Paulding County Grand Finale Basketball Championship for the Gifted. Her team won by three points in a real nail-biter. Rimfire scored 2 baskets so I think we can safely say she totally won the game for them.

Hey, the first rule of competition is learning to take the credit when you win!  And the 2nd is learning to place the blame when you lose. See Gisele Bundchen Brady for more on that. Or Carolyn tomorrow depending on how tonight goes.

*Alas, Carolyn and I lost. It wasn’t out fault, the other people totally cheated. And that’s rule #3, in case you’re keeping track.

Congrats to Patty and Vicky who took 3rd EW. Way to represent the Cartouche Bridge Club ladies.

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