College Schmollege

Assuming there will still be institutions of higher learning when MoonPie graduates, I won’t be all that upset if she decides NOT to go.

From National Review Online:

Russ Nieli reports on a study of eight “highly competitive” colleges’ admissions:

But what Espenshade and Radford found in regard to what they call “career-oriented activities” was truly shocking even to this hardened veteran of the campus ideological and cultural wars. Participation in such Red State activities as high school ROTC, 4-H clubs, or the Future Farmers of America was found to reduce very substantially a student’s chances of gaining admission to the competitive private colleges in the NSCE database on an all-other-things-considered basis. The admissions disadvantage was greatest for those in leadership positions in these activities or those winning honors and awards. “Being an officer or winning awards” for such career-oriented activities as junior ROTC, 4-H, or Future Farmers of America, say Espenshade and Radford, “has a significantly negative association with admission outcomes at highly selective institutions.” Excelling in these activities “is associated with 60 or 65 percent lower odds of admission.”

I can’t believe being President of the 4-H Chapter isn’t good enough. I guess I better get her started on Bridge as a back-up plan. Between that and her extensive knowledge of Star Wars trivia, she should be fine. What else could college recruiters want?

3 thoughts on “College Schmollege

  1. She could also have the option of marrying some old guy with lots of money to support her, you and JD in your old age!!! Or she could become the non involved child like me.. who was in one club during all of my high school years… German club… and that was only a semester! My involvement stopped as soon as the bell rang at 2:30! (aside from internship) Who needs college? Remind me why I’m on the list to attend this coming Fall?!!! LOL

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