Clear Choices

Chances are that while you’re sipping your morning coffee and reading this, JD and I will be driving Moon to the orthodontist. A couple of weeks ago, we took her to the dentist and they said it was time. Apparently some of her teeth can’t come in because some of her other teeth are crowding them. Also, she grinds. The dentist gave me a couple of referrals but they were too far away, so I asked around and my sister-in-law gave me a name. Apparently, he’s awesome. And it’s not just my sister-in-law who thinks so, he’s got something like 20 reviews online and they are all 5 stars. They talk about how fun his office is, all the new technology, and something called the Fun Zone. Sounds great. And by “great”, I mean EXPENSIVE.

Our dental plan doesn’t cover braces at HIS office, but I went online and found one place in Kennesaw that WILL give us a 25% discount. His office also has reviews. 19 reviews and they average one star. They say things like, it’s next to a pawn shop, the dentist always looks like a slob, and his chair has duct tape on it. Man, people can be so critical! Obviously you don’t want to wear your best clothes when working on children’s teeth, what with all of the spitting and such. And a little duct tape never hurt anyone. She’ll only be sitting there an hour or so, every month for probably, what, 6 or 7 years? Some people are just snobs, amiright? And could someone tell me what is wrong with being next door to a pawn shop? Seems to me it’ll make it easier when I hock my wedding band to pay for the first installment.

Besides, his website has a video and it doesn’t look all that bad.

I’m sure she’ll be fine. It’s not like he had ZERO stars, geesh.

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