Christmas Crafts

Because this is a very slow time of year with almost nothing to do, I decided to do a craft with my Sunday School girls. I started with several different colors of felt and cut them into strips, 2.5 inches wide and 5 inches long.

Next I took a holly template and pinned it to the felt.

Then I cut out the template. Actually, I cut out about 45 templates. Look at me, nothing but time on my hands!

Then I tied ribbons of numerous colors, bought beads, cut cards, bought ink for my stamps and a hot glue gun and pins AND then glued everything together.

Martha Stewart made it look so easy. And so much better. But the girls liked it, and I’ve got about 40 corsages to give as gifts.

Or SELL if you’re interested! If I price them at 10.00 each and sell all 40, I should just about make my money back.

3 thoughts on “Christmas Crafts

  1. Hello,
    My sister does similar crafts and I always get surprised as I know that it takes time and concentration before you reach the final result. By the way, I assume that it is always good to do something similar as it teaches you how to be patient and hard working.

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