I have Election Return Fatigue and the West Coast hasn’t even come in yet. Do we even have to count those? I would LOVE to stay up late, watch every close race, see if Alaska is going to hinge on whether or not they’re good spellers. I am officially old. Alas, I need to go to bed.

My brother, AmmoGuy, is having a baby on Wednesday. Actually his WIFE is having the baby, but I thought you’d find his pregnancy easier to believe than the fact he’d found a woman to marry. So I’ll be up early and heading to the hospital. Yes, it’s an inconvenience, but I will overlook it and put aside MY own interest, to go and greet little Allison Landry.

Or Ally McSelfish Pants as I like to call her. What? Every child needs a nickname.

2 thoughts on “Choices

  1. That’s so exciting!! And the sassiest woman I know becomes an aunt all over again!! My prayers are with them!! You poor thing… getting up early… LOL <3

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