Chicken Poop *Updated

Chicken POOP. That’s what you haters are getting if you vote down my chicken coop! Seriously, what is wrong with you people? Did you not read the part where I said I wanted chickens? I’m leaving the poll up one more day, and after that – it’s getting SERIOUS! Don’t I support YOU and your crazy ideas??? Did I say NO when Tania-the-Mad had a duck AND a rabbit at her house? Did I tell my brother NO when he bought a motorcycle? Did I tell my mother NO when she purchased low-waisted jeans?

Do you really think [this] is the worst idea I can come up with? You are SO lucky I had to disable the stats feature and thus have no idea who voted which way. But I have an idea of the culprits. And most of them share my DNA.

8 thoughts on “Chicken Poop *Updated

  1. ***”Do you really think chickens is the worst idea I can come up with?”***

    I think this sentence is poorly written. It should read ‘chickens are’ instead of ‘chickens is’. Please correct this grammatical mistake and attempt to do better in the future.


  2. “Idea- is”….idea is the subject, even if inferred….Chickens is the idea….Idea is singularm therefore, idea ….is….correct subject /verb agreement….trust the writer on this one….

  3. I was going to use the”idea is the subject” argument, but it IS a poorly written sentence either way.

    What if a flock followed me home?

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