Chicago: Behind the Scenes

As you may have seen on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, we went to Chicago this past weekend. It was a LOT of fun and we saw some great sites, ate some good food, and ran into some old friends. But here’s a look at a few things I DIDN’T post.

1. Preparation

I learned very quickly that we needed to add in a 30 minute cushion each morning to prepare Moon’s hair. Oh sure, lots of tweens spend time on the hair, but does YOURS have to duplicate a Leia or Padme style before they’ll leave the house?


You try figuring out how Padme wore her hair on Geonosis before she saw Anakin. Thank goodness for the internet and a plethora of hair products available on every corner of Chicago.

2. The Segway tour was a huge hit – riding them is easy, and we all picked it up quickly. Moon did a great job and rode like a pro. I admit I was a bit worried as we zoomed down the sidewalk while traffic zoomed just a few feet away, but that’s what prayer is for, right? Our guide was nice enough to stop now and then and take our picture.

“Everyone, raise your hands”, he said.


“Yay,” said JD. “Whee,” said Rachel, “Don’t SHOOT!” said the fat lady on the left. Evidently, riding a Segway doesn’t burn many calories. To be fair, I WAS wearing a really blousy shirt. I have no excuse for the pose.

3. I fought Chicago and Chicago won.

It just so happened that all of my sandals bit the dust before our trip, so I went out and bought a pair of Dr. Scholls walking shoes, JUST FOR WALKING.


This happened on my FIRST day before we even got to the FIRST event. Luckily the hotel was right next door to a shoe store.



They weren’t any better.

Hey, running from corner to corner buying enough bobby pins to recreate the hairstyle from when Padme is on the balcony on Nabu takes its toll.


But totally worth it, amiright Kittens?


2 thoughts on “Chicago: Behind the Scenes

  1. Never wear new shoes when you have a lot of walking to do. Wear your oldest comfortable shoes. You will see almost no one who knows you so who cares what you look like.
    Looks like Moon has grown up with all the new hair styles.

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