It’s been some kind of week. I left town on Tuesday to go to Savannah. We have a new office there and I wanted to meet a new coworker, see the office, hang out on River Street, all of which I did. I even got to see my in-laws and a niece. It would have been awesome except for two things. One, I was still on the stupid RAW food diet so I didn’t get to fully enjoy all of the eating out opportunities, and Two -work. I’m not sure I’m cut out for it.

I was a little beat-down and depressed by the time I picked up Moon from school on Friday. Then it got worse. She was standing in the rain and when she got in the car, I asked why she didn’t go stand under an umbrella with one of the other kids. That’s when she said that she had tried, but they had closed ranks and left her out. I am a woman on the edge, PEOPLE. Then she said that she hadn’t gotten a Friday snack because she didn’t have a quarter and no one would share their “good behavior” cards with her. Why doesn’t SHE have “good behavior” cards? That is THE question. Moon says even though she helps her homeroom teacher put up chairs every day, she never gives her one. What the what! You mean people are ugly and you work to do good things and no one notices? Guurrrl, I can relate!

I had already planned to take Moon shopping for an Easter outfit, so off we went for a little retail therapy, then we called Dad to meet us for dinner because who wants to eat my cooking when the world is already so unhospitable?

Saturday, I stayed in bed until noon and watched back to back Heroes on Netflix, then I went to play tennis. I’m guessing the Lord wishes Sharon and I would start practicing more and leave him alone because we PRAYED nonstop the whole time. And we won BIG. Whatever works, amiright Kittens?

Sunday was GREAT, and also awkward. Great because my lovely niece, Brooke, got baptized! Awkward because JD and I decided to have an argument at the lunch afterward. I’m not sure why, but if I had a chart of all of our fights over the last 17 years, 90% would be on Sundays. Anyway, we went to church, had lunch with AmmoGuy and family and Bratt and Kit, hung out, sent the kids kayaking, and ate.

Jesus cheated death and I decided to cheat my diet. Yes, 20 days into my juice/raw fast, I caved. I had some egg casserole AND ham. I didn’t go all-in and eat bread or sugar, but still it was a failure. A DELICIOUS failure.

Now the week begins and it’s time to go back to work, eat raw food, and send Moon into the Hades on Earth known as “Public School.” At least one of us will have a better week. The only thing Moon will have to worry about on Friday is walking. Her pockets are going to be so full of quarters she’ll sound like a wind-chime when she moves.




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  1. Can’t you find a umbrella small enough to fit in her book bag? I am not sure if I will know you when I see you since you will be so skinny.

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