Weight Watchers Wednesday

Okay everyone, time to get in line and on the scale! Uh, you go first. Okay, fine, I have lost 1 pound this week. ONE pound. But I’m not discouraged because I KNOW Weight Watchers works. It was only the first week and it takes a while to remember what you can eat, to get the good food IN the house and the bad food OUT of the house, to not ruin your point count for the day with one really yummy meal that your husband cooked for you.

Here’s what I had today:

Breakfast: 1/4 Southwestern Eggbeaters (1 pt) , 1/2 cup of Black-eyed peas (2 pt). Yes, black-eyed peas for breakfast. Sigh.

Lunch: 2 pieces of double fiber bread (2 pt), Boca veggie burger with mustard (2 pt). 1 cup light soup (2 pt)

Dinner: Hamburger on 2 pieces of fiber bread( 7)  and 1 cup of  Progresso high  fiber soup (3 pt).

Misc: 1 cup of coffee with splenda, non-dairy creamer( 1), Coke Zero, Chocolate chewy thing. (4)

Grand Total – 24.  Not good. Even though it looks like I came in under my 29 point goal, I probably forgot something. Or I’ll eat again before bed. I started off strong but toward the end of the day, a girl gets hungry! And while that 7 point burger was not a great idea, it was by far the best thing I ate all day.

I know my meals are not very interesting but I have some low point, Weight Watchers recipes I’ll be sharing in the future. I’ve got to find something to eat besides FIBER. Here’s my tip for the week, courtesy of Tania-the-Mad. If your diet consists of a lot of beans, especially CANNED beans, rinse them off first in a strainer. It cuts down on the…well, you know.

My friend J has lost 6.5 pounds this week doing Weight Watchers core, and my sister has lost 4.5 on this diet.  So, how goes it with the rest of you?

Stay encouraged and eat smart!

Weight Watchers Wednesday

A few years ago I got really skinny. What’s that? You’ve heard that before? About 212 times? Well it doesn’t make it any less true! I did it over the course of a year using the Weight Watchers point system. I was allowed 19 “points” a day, would shoot for 15, and even with cheating I’d fall within the acceptable range and end up dropping a pound or so every week. A few months ago I decided to get serious about losing weight again and signed up online. That’s when I found that my beloved point system was no longer available. It had been replaced with the “Core Plan” which meant I could eat as much as I wanted of their “core” foods. I could never remember what was on the list, so I just went with the “eat as much as I wanted” part. The results were not what I’d hoped.

Yesterday I logged in to the Weight Watchers website and found they’d brought back the points! I didn’t really read much about it, but I noticed my new daily point allowance was 29! Geesh, I have really gained a lot of weight – this was going to be easy! I raced right out to stock up on double-fiber fiber, and found this –

CowRageous chocolate pudding! It’s gluten-free, which I hear is the new big thing, but I wanted it because it has 3 grams of fiber! Yea, me. My guess? 0, maybe 1 point at most.

I came home and began to plug it into the Weight Watchers calculator. What-the-WHAT? They want to know carbohydrates and protein too? Who cares about that? Great. Turns out my high fiber pudding is THREE points.

Arggh. Now I know why I am allowed 29. Three is the new one.

My day –

Breakfast – Eggbeaters with salsa 2 points

Lunch – Lentil Soup with ham 6 points

Dinner – Grilled chicken on salad with light dressing – 5 points

Pudding – 3 points

Chocolate snack – 3 points

Total for the day -19!

Man, aren’t you glad you tuned in? I’m like the Oprah of bloggers. Well, Oprah of the 90’s, before she became the wealthiest human on earth and was just weight obsessed. Hey, look where that got HER. Tune in tomorrow for Thyroid Thursday.