Weekend Recap

Remember when weekends were for laying around the house and doing nothing? Those were the days. I was born too late. I want to a 50’s housewife – clean the house, watch some soap operas, grill out on weekends, that must have been the LIFE.

Me, I run around like crazy. First of all, I flew home from Savannah on Friday. I got to the airport at 2:30, home by 4:30, and we were all out the door and in the parking lot of FoxTale Books by 7 p.m. I wanted to see how they handled a book signing since ONE day, I might actually have one there. Unlike my friends who will get to see ME talk about books, we had to listen to Newt and Callista Gingrich. I’ll be honest – they could not have been nicer. Seriously. They chatted nicely, let us take photos with them, and basically acted like regular folk. So there goes all of my diva plans for my own book signing. Bummer.

Saturday, I went to the office and worked until 3, when I realized that we needed to hurry and get ready for the Miranda Lambert concert. Remember the days when you could go to a concert at 8, see ONE opening act, then watch the band you’d come to see and be home by midnight? Not anymore. We got there at 5:30, sat through FOUR opening acts, finally saw Miranda Lambert, and got home at 1 a.m. Moon enjoyed herself immensely, although I had to have a discussion about how drinking and smoking was really just something people SING about, it’s not actually something you DO. Which might have worked if it hadn’t been for the 798 people at the concert smoking and drinking.

Sunday’s excitement came in the form of a tennis match. My partner and I hadn’t won a match all season and when I heard we were playing the number one team, I was less than optimistic. But the Lord was smiling and we actually WON in 2 easy sets. Yay, me. I mean, US.

This was our favorite song of the night. An oldie, but a goodie. Enjoy!

A Blast from the Past

As I mentioned, I will be posting some of the more popular blog posts from time to time. This one has to be in the top 5 of all time. From March, 2009


Rachel and I went to the park Friday. This is her, just a few days ago.


We had planned the trip, packed a lunch, and the day went off without a hitch.

Today I had another plan. I’d spend my afternoon cleaning the house, have a quiet dinner with the family, then work on my computer for the rest of the evening. Then Rachel, my sweet darling daughter who was quietly cleaning her room, walked in.


Rachel decided to cut her own hair! How cool is THAT?


She had a little trouble with the back.


And she got a little close on the front.  And the sides.


But all in all she was happy with the results. As much as I LOVED it, I thought it could use a professional touch, just to even things out.






Dad was a little sad, but I consoled myself with thoughts of tangle-free mornings and easy shampoos.  Ahhh, children. They make life so much more interesting.

What’s Up Peeps!

I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking Monday can take a hike. I could use at least one more day to recuperate from my weekend. Which is odd since I can’t remember a thing I did.

Let’s see, Friday we took a field trip to the gun range because we live in Atlanta, and ZOMBIES. It was especially fun because another one of my church ladies showed up and we shared a lane. Did you know gun ranges have Ladies’ Night? I don’t know how I’ll shoot straight with 2 for 1 margaritas, but I’m game to try!

Saturday I spent all day cleaning my house, watching Tennessee LOSE, and editing. Moon worked on her room as well, which is why I have 3 bags of clothes to take to Goodwill. She’d rather wear the same three things every week than hang a blouse. She’s also decided that she want’s to redo her room.


You know, like Ahsako Tano’s. So basically, a jail cell. JD has promised to buy/build her a platform, but I’m not sure about the gray on gray color pallet. We’ll see. At least there won’t be a ton of stuff under the bed.

Sunday, we went to church. Afterward, I went to play tennis, and my husband? Well, he decided to go out and upgrade our TV. Yeah, like we don’t watch THAT enough. Even though I’ve been saying NO for years, he took it upon himself to get one anyway. Can you believe a husband would do that? I’m really ticked off. As soon as I finish watching my show, he’s going to get a piece of my mind.

In other news, Granny is home from the hospital. Yay!

The Zolligirl Show

I’m sure that you, like me, often think that my life would make a great reality TV show. Why Hollywood hasn’t called is beyond me. This week would have made for riveting television.

First of all, JD and I went to a high-falutin fundraiser Thursday night. We got all dolled up, JD in his sports coat and me in my $69.00 sequined dress from Macy’s. We pulled out ALL the stops. Good thing because as we pulled into the parking lot, a dude in a $250,000 Rolls Royce pulled in too. Obviously, we had found our people. The attendant checked us in and asked if we wanted a paddle for the auction later. Duh, how else would we bid on the 4 tickets to Stella McCartney fashion show in NY including round trip airfare? Estimated value $20,000? Can you put that on five different credit cards?

Normally, fancy shmancy fundraisers might be a little intimidating, but some genius had put a “mixologist” at the entrance and after a couple of visits, I was feeling like a high roller. While I didn’t win a trip to NY, I did eat everything in site, all in the name of helping a charity. I’m a giver.

Saturday night, JD and I went to Mantamy and Gregarious Greg’s house for a Lebanese Mezza. That’s where you sit outside and eat a bunch of really good Lebanese food with exotic names like “Baba Ghanouj” which despite what you might have thought, is NOT an middle-eastern cartoon character. No one arrived in a Rolls Royce, but I did sit across from an author who’d appeared on Fox News, so celebrity!

As we ate, the hosts went around the table and talked about each person, how they met, what they love about them, etc. Then the rest of us would chime in with what WE liked about the person, and on and on. If a television camera crew could have only captured all of the nice things said around the table, especially about ME, we would have had a hit on our hands. I would have watched it about eight times today alone.

Every reality show needs a little drama, which I provided Sunday on the tennis court. I didn’t HAVE to tell my partner we were “pathetic” and should never get on a court again. Or that we should “Fire UP or I was going to hit her so hard she’d still be feeling it next week”. She didn’t HAVE to get heat stroke and almost forfeit the game and we did NOT have to lose. We did it all for the ratings! These shows are totally scripted.

Next week on The Zolligirl show, a trip to the Fox Theater, working at the computer, and more drama on the tennis court. Maybe this weeks script will call for us to win for once.

Job Fail

Looks who’s posting two days in a row! I don’t have anything important to impart, but I thought I’d at least say hello, and oh, by the way, did you see this?



The Columbian Cyclists just unveiled their new uniform. I’m thinking someone is looking for a new job today. And my company gets mad when I transpose a phone number in an ad. Geesh.

Happy Birthweek To Me

Whoo Hoo, it’s my birthday! Okay, it’s actually a few days past my birthday, but technically it’s still within 7 days, so it’s my birthday WEEK. I’m not really feeling celebratory but what else can I do? You either have a birthday, or die. Doesn’t it seem like there should be a third option? A “stall” year or two?

Whatever. I got up Wednesday morning and decided to do something different on my SPECIAL day, so I went to the gym. There’s something I don’t do every day! Or apparently ever. Yes, JD got us gym memberships for Christmas and Wednesday was the first day I’d been ALL YEAR. I told the girl working the counter that I had been waiting for the New Year’s crowd to taper off. I had my choice of machines, so I guess it worked. I ran/walked a mile, then rode a bike for 2. Not bad for someone who is now older and fatter than old, fat Elvis.

After working out, I came home and showered, then went to CPS for some birthday cake. Thank goodness, otherwise I might have lost a half pound! Later, JD and Moon took me to the High for the Dream Cars exhibit, then we went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. As if that wasn’t enough fun, we went to the Apple Store so I could buy a Nike Fuel Band which is something you wear that tells you how many steps you take each day, how many calories you burn, etc. I asked if there was a cheap version that only used double digits, but no such luck.



Do you see us? We’re right there!

THEN we went to Macy’s and I bought a cocktail dress because I’m fancy and am going to a party next week. Nothing says Happy Birthday like having your daughter fight to zip you into a size OMG party dress.

The party continued on Thursday when me and the Church Ladies met at Keekle’s house for dinner. If I had only thought to record the dinner conversation, I’m pretty sure I would have had a viral video on my hands. Of course, the other ladies would have killed me so I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy my fame very long. Is there anything better than old friends getting together and laughing themselves silly?

I was supposed to play bridge on Friday, but since my partner fell through, I decided to work. Ugh. Are we going to a three day work week or what? What has Obama been doing all this time? The good news is that while I was on the computer “working”, I noticed Miranda Lambert is going to be in concert next month and JD and I decided to go ahead and get tickets.


This is Moon upon hearing that we got her a ticket, too.

Saturday, I sat around the house and did nothing, which was WONDERFUL. Then JD and I watched the GA/SC game which was not. If watching JD’s team lose in the final few seconds wasn’t bad enough, I had to watch Tennessee get creamed the entire game. I love my Vols, but it was tough to watch our quarterback get sacked over and over again. At least no one expected us to win, so YAY for low expectations.

Because we’re totally holy, we went to church on Sunday, then I played tennis and lost. Again. Maybe I ought to give that whole low expectations a try.

And now I’m all set for a week of WORK. Or not. I’ve been with my company 17 years, and where I’m concerned, they’ve got LOW expectations down to a science.

Fun and Games at Casa de Zolli

So while you people are at work and/or school, we’re all nose to the grind stone here at my house. Last week I helped with a writing contest, and one of the folks who put it on asked if everyone involved could send a couple of video clips for a Thank You vide. She said you could use props, pets, etc. but we decided to play it straight because I’m very serious.

The first one was to thank the organizer…


And the second to thank the participants..


I sent them off but strangely, I haven’t heard anything back. Probably in my spam filter, I should go check.

Sad Scallop Story

Do you know Chrissy Teigen? Well, she’s a super hot, Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, so you might not run in the same circles. She’s married to John Legend and has a billion followers on Twitter, so basically my twin. Anyway, as if THAT wasn’t enough to keep her busy, she apparently likes to eat and blogs about food on her website, So Delushious.

One day, I was looking over her site for a possible Moron Test Kitchen, when I saw an amazing post about scallops. AMAZING. So I decided that I could not rest until I tried them. I was craving scallops for days, telling my husband that I could not wait to make them. Finally, I headed over to Publix to grab a few for dinner. I was thinking maybe five or fifteen each ought to do the trick. That’s when I discovered, and you might want to sit down for this, that scallops are TWENTY DOLLARS A POUND.

I almost cried in the grocery store. I called JD and told him to forget about getting out the fancy dishes, we were having CHICKEN.

Sometimes my life is so sad, amiright Kittens?

Because I’ve told that story about a hundred times, on a recent work trip, my boss INSISTED that I order the SCALLOP appetizer and the pasta with SCALLOPS entree. I ate myself into a wonderful, SCALLOP-induced coma. Then I woke up at 3 a.m. and threw up and I haven’t had SCALLOPS since.

Moral of the story: Never try to eat what super hot, swimsuit models eat. You know throwing up is part of their DNA.

Chicago: Behind the Scenes

As you may have seen on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, we went to Chicago this past weekend. It was a LOT of fun and we saw some great sites, ate some good food, and ran into some old friends. But here’s a look at a few things I DIDN’T post.

1. Preparation

I learned very quickly that we needed to add in a 30 minute cushion each morning to prepare Moon’s hair. Oh sure, lots of tweens spend time on the hair, but does YOURS have to duplicate a Leia or Padme style before they’ll leave the house?


You try figuring out how Padme wore her hair on Geonosis before she saw Anakin. Thank goodness for the internet and a plethora of hair products available on every corner of Chicago.

2. The Segway tour was a huge hit – riding them is easy, and we all picked it up quickly. Moon did a great job and rode like a pro. I admit I was a bit worried as we zoomed down the sidewalk while traffic zoomed just a few feet away, but that’s what prayer is for, right? Our guide was nice enough to stop now and then and take our picture.

“Everyone, raise your hands”, he said.


“Yay,” said JD. “Whee,” said Rachel, “Don’t SHOOT!” said the fat lady on the left. Evidently, riding a Segway doesn’t burn many calories. To be fair, I WAS wearing a really blousy shirt. I have no excuse for the pose.

3. I fought Chicago and Chicago won.

It just so happened that all of my sandals bit the dust before our trip, so I went out and bought a pair of Dr. Scholls walking shoes, JUST FOR WALKING.


This happened on my FIRST day before we even got to the FIRST event. Luckily the hotel was right next door to a shoe store.



They weren’t any better.

Hey, running from corner to corner buying enough bobby pins to recreate the hairstyle from when Padme is on the balcony on Nabu takes its toll.


But totally worth it, amiright Kittens?


Nutrisystem (also know as Diet #481)

So in an effort to try EVERY diet under the sun, I recently signed up for Nutrisystem. After one week, I’m ready to give a full report.

I ordered online and went with the Choose Your Own Food option. After 4 – 6 days, my food arrived, and it was a BIG box. I was surprised to learn that none of it was frozen, especially since I’d ordered pizza and lasagna. Anyway, the huge box came, including the Fast 5 box of food and shakes they’d included as an incentive to order. Here’s my thoughts:


1. The food was GOOD. Pretty much everything I tried – the muffins, lasagna, white bean chili – all of it was delicious.

2. The plan was EASY. Seriously, when it’s time for breakfast, I just picked up the bag marked BREAKFAST. It was really nice not to have to think about what I was going to eat.

3. It WORKED. I didn’t lose the fast 5 pounds (more about that below), but I did lose weight – 2.2 pounds.

Okay, now the Cons:

1. It’s PRICEY. The basic plan is $244.00 for a month of food and you have to auto-renew for at least an additional month to get THAT price.

2. The portions are SMALL. This is not really a con since they don’t expect you to just eat the food they send. You are supposed to eat your meals with veggies and smart carbs, etc. but if you were just going to eat the meals alone, you’d be hungry.

3. I didn’t lose that MUCH. I would have like to have lost the full 5 pounds but since I substituted one of their “shakes” with a “beer”, and one of their “lunches” with “Chinese”,  I can’t really blame them.

A friend of mine wanted to try it and so today I ordered 3 of the One Week Sample packs and it ended up being $197.00 dollars. If she ends up joining, we both get $30.00 bucks off our next order!

One more PRO – the customer service as been amazing. My first order didn’t arrive on time, FED-EX couldn’t find us, and when I called on a SATURDAY, the nice rep was able to input directions AND change my second order to be shipped via UPS. Also, when I called to order the 7 Day Sample Pack, the rep put the order in and found a way to save me $30.0o dollars.

We’ll see how I feel in two months, but for now, it’s NutriSystems GO!

(Sorry that there are no pictures but I’m having Iphone issues)