Coupons Version 2.0

I’ve decided to give cutting coupons another go. Sure it’s mostly processed corn syrup, but it’s CHEAP processed corn syrup. Previously I used a great system which you can read HERE, but I’m a busy person so this time I’m going with something a little different.

Buy the papers. Pull out the entire coupon booklet. Put them in a manila envelope. Write the date on the outside.

This won’t work as well because I’ll have to go through each booklet and cut the coupons individually. Collating them allows you to cut all of them at once. Still, I think I’ll come closer to ACTUALLY doing it this way.

So far they are just laying in a big, messy pile on the table, but a girl can dream.

And for those of you who don’t buy papers, or live near a Publix, here’s one for you. Provided you have a cat. Otherwise, this whole post was pretty much useless. Or as we call it around here, the “usual”.