Camping – the good, the bad and the ugly

The Good –

Teaching kids to play spades and speed across the picnic table

Watching MP and her friends chase frogs, swim in the lake, play in the dirt, ride the inner- tube and basically forget all about television for four days

Smores, smores, smores

Seeing RimFire ski for the first time and hearing her squeal with happiness

Hanging with good friends

Doing no work, just reading great books

A kid that wakes up, looks around the tent and says, “I love my mom and dad.”

The Bad –

Having your mattress spring a leak causing you to lay on pea gravel all night.

Finding out that cute bridge across the lake is actually a train trestle where a conductor blows his whistle every morning at 2 a.m.

Running out of gas when only TWO of the three children have had their turn in the inner-tube

The Ugly –

Standing up in a boat while it’s running, then falling and hitting your tailbone on a fiberglass corner resulting in your laying down in the boat and gasping for air like a beached ORCA.

Going into a extremely bright bathroom to check out your injury and realizing your bottom has swollen to twice it’s size because surely to all that is HOLY your butt is not that big since you’ve been parading around in a bathing suit in front of all of your family and friends for four days.

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