Camping is Fun. It totally is!

I don’t care what my mother says. Or my sister. Or all of the other people in my life. I went camping from the time I was six until I left for college and there was not one moment of it I didn’t LOVE. Okay, I didn’t love that one night my mother had to come find me because I might or might not have been under the influence of fermented wheat. (Sidebar: Thanks, Ginger – way to go back to the camper WITHOUT me and wake up all of the parents.)

Where was I? Oh yeah, this is going to be great. We have a tent!

JD and the MoonPie have got this under control. Even though we’re a family of three, we decided on the 10 person tent, just in case people wanted to join us. I expect a crowd.

I wanted to get the Coleman Instant-Tent that goes up in 60 seconds. (It’s TRUE, I saw it on YouTube.) But JD wanted to go “old school”. ¬†They had been working on it about 30 minutes when I decided to leave for my bridge ministry. Someone has to play cards with retirees!

Awesome – MP has plenty of room. The center portion is our “stationing” area. That’s where all of our stuff will sit, nicely folded, labeled clearly – ready to use at a moment’s notice.

Awwww, doesn’t that look comfortable? One side room will be for us, and the other for our guests. And the dogs. By the way, this tent comes with a PET DOOR! How awesome is that? It’s like camping at the Ritz.

It’s the Taj Mahal of camping gear! This camping thing is going to be wonderful.

So I’ve been thinking lately about a Dudley Moore movie I saw in the mid-eighties. It was called Unfaithfully Yours, and I remember thinking it was HIGHlarious. Dudley Moore is married to a much younger woman, and through miscommunication, begins to believe she is cheating on him. You know, it doesn’t sound as funny when I put it that way. Anyway, he plots his revenge, which I am pretty sure culminated in killing them. HAHAHAHA. The FUNNY part is that you see the plan in his mind. It goes so smoothly when he’s imagining it, but then as it actually unfolds, it’s a total farce.

I haven’t thought about that movie in years. I’ve got no idea where that came from. Weird.

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