Call me Hadassah

I want a new name. I realize that I’ve done this before. Growing up in Tennessee, I was Dyan. I always know if it’s someone from my past on the phone when my husband says, “It’s for you, DYAN!” When I moved to Atlanta, I worked for a catalogue company where the office manager’s name was…Diane. So they asked if they could call me by my first name – LISA. Since I was enrolling in art school, and receiving phone calls from the administration office – it was simpler to keep the name. Thus a new town, a new start, a new name! It worked for a while, but now I feel the need for something a little deeper.

My mother-in-law sent me a book to read by Francine Rivers. It’s called A Voice in the Wind and I highly recommend it. See the review here.


The protagonist, Hadassah is in love – with Jesus. It’s an amazing story of faith, humbleness, and service. I want to be HADASSAH. I want to have her attitude, her fortitude, her servant’s heart. I DON’T want to be a slave, be threatened with death for sharing my faith, or suffer all of the other things that happened to her. Is that what it takes? I think it probably does. Sigh.

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