Butterfly, go free!

For the past few years my friend Jeanette has been telling me about the Chattahoochie Nature Center’s butterfly release. She and her daughter go EVERY year. It’s not to be MISSED! I haven’t gone? What kind of mother am I anyway???

So this year we went. Let me see if I can acurately describe the excitement.

1. MoonPie got her face painted.

2. While she got her face painted, I spoke to a gentleman from the American Chestnut Association. They’re making a come back!

3. It poured. MoonPie’s face got streaked with water so we washed OFF theĀ face-painting.

4. It finally stopped raining and a gentleman came to RELEASE the Butterflies!

5. It was a tad crowded.

6. Three, two, one, GO!

Wow! There they go! See? Uh..wait, is that one?

7. MoonPie had ice-cream.

8. We went home.

Hmm. I’m not sure if this is doing it justice. Did I mention the American Chestnut Association?

Oh, wait, I know. We paid $28.50!

Man, I should write for travel magazines.

3 thoughts on “Butterfly, go free!

  1. I have lots of butterflies in my flower garden. They are swarming my flowers I will let you look for free.

  2. That is a very tempting offer…..but do you have gut busting snacks to jack her all up on sugar before we get in the car for the trip home?

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