Bug Out

Because I’m a super mom and always looking for fun and educational field trips for my daughter, I signed up the MoonPie and her two best pals for a fun day at the park. [Ed. note: Jeanette may remember this differently but until she gets her OWN blog, we’ll just go with this version of the story.]

Have you ever seen such excitement?? They were learning about micro invertebrates. Or macro invertebrates. Small bugs without vertebrates. I wasn’t really paying attention. Here they are learning about ┬ástone-fly nymphs and dragonfly nymphs. Duh. Tell us something we don’t know.

Calm down, Rimfire! I see, a bug.

Excellent. These are the things we’ll be looking for once we go hip deep in the water. And by “we”, I mean “you”.

Two intrepid explorers making their way down the embankment, THRILLED to see what they may find.

One or two needed to be dragged helped.

Mmmm, that water looks awesome. It’s practically blue green wet.

Two enthusiastic thumbs up! Did you find anything?

We’ll wait while you check your boots.

2 thoughts on “Bug Out

  1. Oh lovely!! Did I ever tell you the time a friend and i thought we’d use one pair of rain boots to get to an”island” in the middle of the lake? one pair of rain boots… hmmm, cold mountain spring water… and once one of us made it, we were to throw the boots back for the other to use… until we had to fish the rain boots out… well, much more details have been left out, but this “exploration day” brought back that lovely memory! <3 Gotta love bein a kid!

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