Brownies on Parade


You know what would be fun? What if we gathered all of the Brownies together for a PARADE? Who doesn’t enjoy walking, crowds, and cold weather?


Jeanette is the troop leader. She thinks Southerners are silly for worrying about the weather. NEW YORKERS are never cold. Doesn’t she look comfy in the mittens (with hand warmers tucked inside) and ear covering? Hmm. I wonder who thought to bring extras. Those are also MY sunglasses. New Yorkers might not be cold, but they are POOR planners.


The Grand PooBah of Brownie Protocol wouldn’t let us throw candy because someone might get hurt. Do you KNOW how many children are rushed to the hospital every year because of a poorly tossed Snickers?? We opted instead to blow bubbles. And they have the added benefit of soaking your mittens, causing frostbite, which needs bandaging, and voila, ¬†you’ve earned your first aid patch!


That first hill was a DOOZY.


Hello? Can we get a little help here?


I KNOW. Let’s give the banner to those two jokers.


Hey! Where are you going? That’s not our troop; we’re back here!


Hang on to the BANNER!


Stop running, that’s not OUR TROOP!


That was AWESOME. When is it our turn again??

There’s a reason my mother only let me do Brownies one year.

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  1. Were you in Brownies? I actually have a cook book that was made in 3rd or 4th grade that has recipes we brought in.

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