Brought to you by Chloraseptic

I would love to give you a recap of all the fun things I did this weekend, but I’m lying in bed at 6:30 p.m. with a bottle of throat spray and a headache, so it will have to wait. On the one hand I think I’ll live, but on the other, I feel so bad that a moment ago I thought to myself, “I wish my mom was here.” If you know anything about my mom and her bedside manner, you’d know I’m delirious. Still, I’m pretty sure she’d clean up the house if I actually DID die so that no visitors would have to step over the 28 pairs of shoes on the floor.

Oh well, here are the highlights:

Took the dog to the vet

Went to dinner with POMS (parents of middle schoolers)

Lay in bed all day Saturday, watched Pride and Prejudice with Moon

Went to Kit and Bratt’s for campfire fun.

Went to bed, watched French comedy – Romantics Anonymous

Went to church

Went to bed, watched a French comedy – I Do

Except for the parts where I felt like I’d swallowed a puffer fish, it was tres bien!

Bonus, for those of you planning on seeing Hunger Games: Catching Fire

À la prochaine!

One thought on “Brought to you by Chloraseptic

  1. If I had been there you would have felt much better no laying in bed when we
    could be out going to estate sales. Remember you can be sick out of bed as same as laying in bed.

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