Bridge is cool

I haven’t played DUPLICATE in a while. Sure, I still play at the retirement community on Monday nights, but I haven’t been to the bridge club in about a year. And what’s weird, is that not ONE person has called to see where I am, or if I want to fill in.

Isn’t that great? It’s so nice to have people respect your decision to stay home and not bother you with invitations to tournaments and team events.

But I do miss it a little bit. I was surfing the internet for bridge blogs and found one that’s just bridge JOKES. Here’s a sample:

“Every night when I go to bed I think about my mistakes at the bridge table.”
“Gee,” his partner said, “how do you get any sleep?”

Q: Do you want to play Lavinthal or Odd-Even or natural discards?
A: Let’s play them all.
I will bid natural and you bid “Big Minor”. When you have a NT opening, you call 1C and I will bid your NT. If you have a major, bid 1D and I will bid your major. This way you will not get the stress of being declarer.
HAHAHAHAHA. Oh, man, could you DIE? Whew, good stuff.  Maybe I’ll swing by the club after all; bridge players are hysterical.

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