Brides are creative

I attended a wedding this past weekend. Well, TECHNICALLY I crashed a wedding since I didn’t get the rsvp in the mail on time; but even with the threat of removal hanging over my head, I enjoyed myself immensely. This was partly due to the fact that for the first time in a LONG time, I didn’t have my husband screaming, “We’re going to miss the kiss! Hand me the 50. Not the 70-210, I said the FIFTY!”  It was so nice to just be a guest.

This wedding was particularly interesting. Check out the flower girl.


That’s right – she’s 10 months old. If this were a Zollicoffer wedding, she’d belong to the couple getting married, but these folks are upstanding – she’s the beloved NIECE. She was pulled down the aisle by the Ring Bearer.


She was a big hit, and took to the whole ordeal like she was born to be pulled around and adored. Mattie B. is the daughter of my nephew. That sounds a lot like a Great-Niece, except that that is ridiculous because Great-Aunts are very old and wear knee highs. She can call me “Granny Tania’s much younger sister.”

The reception took place in a tent at the local Bed and Breakfast, and was decorated beautifully. I liked the flower arrangements.


They had GOLDFISH in the base. How cute is that? Brides come up with the neatest stuff. If this were a 2nd wedding, I’m thinking two Beta fish would be more appropriate. Then you could watch them fight through the whole event. This is why I’m not a wedding planner.

They had the best favor I’ve seen at a wedding, EVER.  The groom is a bee keeper, so they gave away HONEY. There was a sign that said, “Thanks for beeing here”, and the label on each jar said, “Thanks for making our wedding so sweet.”


Could you die? So much nicer than the Matchbox cars we gave everybody  with stickers that said, “Don’t forget to check the TYRES”.


And last,  but not least, the BRIDE was lovely. She graciously welcomed me and my daughter, (that’s TWO people who showed up to eat without an rsvp), without blinking an eye. At least I think that’s what happened. When she showed up carrying a big stick, I just took the picture and ran.

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