Bounce You

I woke up this morning inspired, maybe it’s the fact that the CRCT is over and life is good again, but for some reason I went to the gym. Willingly. JD had work to do, so I was on my own, but I had my Ipod, Louie Giglio messages, and some good music to run by. And I RAN. Like the wind! I actually ran TWO MILES without stopping which is pretty good for my fat self. It helped that there was a skinny woman running on the treadmill in front of me, and I was imagining her being all superior, and then I was all “Oh YEAH? I’m catching up, sister!” Then she got off the treadmill and since I sounded like I was teaching a Lamaze class, I let her go on ahead. I’ll catch up later, sister.

I came home and worked, and worked quickly, cause I had to pick up Moon a little early so she could go to a Girl Scouts Party at Bounce U. Being as it was the middle of the week, there was no one else there and the girls had a ton of fun. The party was from 1 to 6, FIVE HOURS, so my friend J and I turned to Netflix to pass the time. Of the thousands of movies available online, we chose this one:

Spoiler Alert – no one wins. Now you don’t have to sit through the whole movie.

You are welcome.

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