Kicked booty at bridge yesterday, whoo hoo! My partner (Dennis) and I were sitting East/West, in the C bracket. C was for 0-2000 points, quite a leap for me and my 40+ points. I think my partner has over a 1000 but I don’t know for sure. So we came in 1st! 1st in C you say? No, 1st in A, B, and C! A is for 4000 points up. Again I say, WHOO HOO! It was made even sweeter because my partner was fairly disgruntled with me. That’s not unusual when you’re the owner of 40+ points playing in the Open Game. My partner’s are often disgruntled. But obviously I didn’t SUCK, cause we came in 1st! Okay, for a full disclaimer, when you factor in all of the people sitting North/South we were 3rd overall. That’s out of 13 teams, ALL of which have way more that 40 points. Worth 1.59 by the way. If you don’t play bridge, you SHOULD. I spent 8 dollars and I’m gonna be high all week.

Dennis the Menace

Dennis the Menace

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