Boom, Fizzle.

My weekend started with a sonic boom. Friday night, JD participated in our local Art Walk which meant he displayed some of his photographs at our church. Well, that’s what it is supposed to mean. Actually, it means he spend all day Friday trying to get everything together, piling mat boards and framing materials all around the house, frantically trying to get everything together by 5 p.m. As Moon, RimFire and I left the house to go to the show, I almost took a picture to show you how out-of-control my house was. Imagine clothes PILED on the bed in the spare bedroom, dishes in the sink, stuffed animals and shoes under the coffee table, clothes on the bathroom sink, and every floor in the house covered in dust/dog hair. Then imagine you’re hanging around looking at your husband’s artwork when you get a call from your brother-in-law saying he and his daughter are on schedule and will be in your house in two hours.

Yes, we’d forgotten. I mean, they DID tell us two weeks ago that they were coming. And we were very happy and excited that we’d get to see them. And then we forgot because we are obviously crack smokers. The only other explanation would be that we are old and “AS IF”. I also rolled my eyes just now, so you can get the appropriate level of how dumb that idea is. I wonder how someone got crack into our food supply. Hmm.

I rushed home with the girls and played Sgt. Carter to their Gomer Pyle and we were able to get everything cleaned and orderly before our guests arrived. Does anyone even remember Sgt.Carter?

I’m proud to report that by the time they got here, you could actually see their beds.

On Saturday, I watched Wimbledon and played with Baby Allison. I have it on good authority that I’m her favorite.

Yeah, I said it, what about it?

Let’s be honest, I have some cute nieces. These two are only related through me so I think we all know what the common denominator to all this cuteness is. Or should I say ‘WHO”?

I was going to get up early and go to church on Sunday but we still had guests and it would have been rude to leave them at home alone with only the Wimbledon’s final on for company. So I sat on the couch watching my dream boyfriend Novak take the title. Congrats, honey!

Because I’m not a complete heathen, we went to church Sunday night at Passion City. It was really, really good except for one guy who yelled “AMEN” at inappropriate times. You know the type, it’s not good enough for them to just yell, AMEN when the pastor has made a particularly good point. No, these guys have to say it after everything.

“For God so loved the world,” AMEN “Prayer teams will be down front,” AMEN “It’s time to go get your children,” AMEN. I hope whoever does their church bulletin will add, “Please hold your AMENS until the end of the service” before next Sunday. I wonder if they have a suggestion box. I’m going to suggest they get one.

Monday, JD got the backyard in order so some friends could come swim. I was okay with the lizard.

Lovely. Can we move?

We had a nice cookout, but our plans for walking to the beach and watching fireworks was totally ruined when it stormed.

My brother had a tree fall on his house.

Don’t worry. The fireworks have been rescheduled for tomorrow night, so I’m going to be okay. Whew, that was a close one.

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