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One of the best things about having my very own literary agent is that I can buy books and consider it “research”. I NEED to know what’s happening in the MG/YA market!

That’s Middle Grade and Young Adult for those of you outside the publishing biz.

Anyway, today I found this book –

Louis Sachar wrote Holes, one of the best MG books EVER. And he’s a avid bridge player. I’m sure you know which one I find the most impressive.

This book is about a teenager who’s urged by his mother to help his rich, blind uncle at the bride table. It’s all in a BID, (see what I did there) to ingratiate themselves into his will.

But the best thing about it is that he really explains BRIDGE. It’s a whole book about BRIDGE! You should go right now and get your copy.

Be quick about it. I’m pretty sure it will fly off the shelves.

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