Bloggers and the Readers who Hate Them.

It won’t surprise you to know that in addition to writing a blog, I also READ a blog. Or seventy. Some of them relate to a specific theme, like PubRants, which is from a literary agent, and others are political, like HotAir. And a few are well know, like The Pioneer Woman. Speaking of PW, because I’m always searching for new blogs, I stumbled across three whose entire premise is how much they hate her. I’m not really shocked that there are people out there who find her annoying, she does post a lot of pictures of her husband’s behind, but to dedicate an entire blog to ragging on someone? I’m not judging – finding things to blog about on a daily basis is hard – and she’s a wealth of material. Besides, I don’t know her at all and I’m sure you can’t believe everything you read on her blog. That would be like people reading MY blog and thinking I’m a snarky, over-weight, Christian suburbanite who occasionally drinks too much. Amirite?

I guess being super successful brings out the haters. Another blog I read occasionally is Dooce. She gets her share of hate mail too, probably because she has a very strong point of view. And I don’t think she cares what people think. And she cusses. A few days ago, she got in a Twitter war with someone over her recent trip to Bangladesh. Dooce has a million followers on Twitter, I have 14. I couldn’t have a misunderstanding much less a war. But I guess with a million followers, you’re bound to tick some people off. This one chick accused Dooce of taking a SPONSORED trip to Bangladesh. A newspaper in the UK accused her of “poverty tourism”. My first thought was, “DUDE, people will pay you to go on trips for charity?” I need to get more followers. And to check out charities in Hawaii.

Dooce spoke out and said that she actually paid her own way, yada, yada, yada. The point is that when you’re successful and talented, haters are gonna hate.

Which explains why I never get hate mail. Except that one time I commented on UT Football, and that’s not gonna happen again. Those people are scary!

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