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I went to my brother’s house last night for dinner. Normal people bring a side dish, maybe dessert, but I have a blog to write so I took my camera. I’ve been keeping it handy lately,  just in case someone does something interesting. For instance –


Okay, this didn’t actually happen LAST night, but you get the idea.

But this time, I was looking for something more. I was stalking a much more elusive animal…the “friend”. After months of living here, Ashleigh brought a FRIEND to have dinner with us. And it was a BOY.  At first I played it cool.

I took pictures of Ashleigh and Ellery –


I took pictures of Ashleigh and JD –


Is my husband cute or what???


I’ll just take a few casual pictures of the men.


Oh, were you eating? I’m sorry.


Hey, here’s an idea. You two stand together. Do you think I was obvious? I’m sure I wasn’t obvious.

I very discreetly found out a few things, like what brought him to Georgia, how many siblings he has, what he thought of his time in Iraq, where he goes to church, if he had any tattoos, you know…small talk.

Ashleigh SWEARS they’re just friends. Sigh. It’s probably true. After all, he’s cute, ex-military, Christian, nice, friendly and funny. You can’t have THAT around. Not when there’s all those cute Virginia boys to date, like THIS.


Did I mention he likes dogs? I may cry.

3 thoughts on “Blog Stalking

  1. Those Virginia men are so cute – Tania and Ashleigh have been keeping those cute men a secret from all of us.

  2. I believe Jessie is from WEST Virginia, sister. Now give my daughter and her friend some privacy, like in the pool at 3 in the morning.

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