Black Friday

Kittens, this is going to be a fabulous weekend. I’m leaving today for the mountains where I will play 48 hours of bridge and eat 6700 calories per day. I mean per meal.

We’re trying out a new scoring system which is sure to make things interesting. Basically, at the end of each round, you take the two scores, say 900 and 500, subtract, and then give each team a plus or minus score. So 900 – 500 is 400. One team gets +4 and the other gets -4. The ladies were afraid that being minus would depress them, but I convinced them to give it a try Wednesday night at our regular game. At the end of 3 rounds, the score was Vicki +5, Patty +9, Carolyn +11 and Me -25.

Surprisingly, they all LIKED the new system.

While I’m gone this weekend getting my bridge butt kicked, I thought you might be bored. The two men below found something fun to do – why not call a friend and give it a try?

One thought on “Black Friday

  1. Being the math wizard and engineer that I am, I have to point out that you new scoring system is exactly the same as your old scoring system, except you are converting the units to “zolligagians”…

    Take your “old” total scores, and average them. Now subtract the average from each person’s total. The result might be a negative number. Divide this number by 50, and you have your “new” number, in “zilligagans”.

    Somebody might point out that if your “zolli” number is negative, your scores have been below average. Now, I would never mention it, or infer that a below average score is, well, below average. Somebody else might point it out. But not me.

    If you think about it, half the people you know are below average…

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