Bizarro World

I admit I spend a lot of time on the internet, thus, I am probably way smarter than you. Okay, maybe not WAY, or SMARTER, but I’m at least up on all of the latest crazy events of the world, events you might have missed without my laser-like focus on the world wide web. Here are a few examples I ran across today.

1. A church. For atheists.

Remember when atheists were just stupid people that you kinda admired cause they could sleep late on Sundays, until you remembered they were all going to hell? Now they’re not content to just mock us at cocktail parties for clinging to our guns and religion. They are starting CHURCHES. The good news is that they’ll probably all die of boredom in 6 months, or someone will sneeze and get a “God bless you”, and they’ll all leave in a huff because HYPOCRITES.

2. The Worst Reality Show EVER.

I can’t even. I don’t want to see or hear or rate, or even THINK about normal, healthy Americans doing the hanky-panky thing, much less BRITISH couples. I don’t care if they are inside a box, all I’d be thinking about is Charles and Camilla.

3. Vandals topple an 850 pound, 10 Commandments monument located in D.C.

I am totally shocked. I would have thought it would have been struck by lightning years ago.

4. When will boys just be girls and get it over with?

A boy gets suspended from school for playing with a air-soft (also known as a TOY) gun in his OWN front yard.

5. People who play spades? Racists.

Just another reason bridge players are better.

And now you know, the rest of the crazy stories.

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