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Oh Kittens, where to begin. Let’s start with the really big news – I colored my hair. And it’s DARK.  So dark that when I walked in the door my husband put his hands over his eyes and screamed. So I told him we’d go back to the salon and I’d have them match HIS color and he shut up.

Bald men are easy to mock.

It’s no wonder he felt like screaming. Moon brought two friends home again this weekend and believe it or not, they hadn’t mellowed. Since there was no school on Friday, they came home with her on Thursday, also known as Valentine’s Day. Which explains why all three of them were carrying bags of candy. And why I had to get up at 3:00 o’clock again to turn off the TV and the lights.

Not that I could sleep anyway, what with the big, important phone call I had scheduled. You know, with the EDITOR. I would love to tell you all about it but it’s kind of a blur. I remember answering the phone and then babbling on about Tennessee and the Civil War, and how my great-great-great grandfather fought with General Zollicoffer, on and on and on, until at one point I kept thinking to myself just shut up already and let her talk and then she said something about getting me some notes in a few weeks and, oh yeah, she’s going to the OSCARS. Of course she is.

Sunday, I went to the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival to see Tiger Eyes, based on the book by Judy Bloom. It was directed by Bloom’s son, Lawrence, and the two of them were there to answer questions. Afterward, I went to the bathroom and used the stall right next to the one Judy Bloom was using! I almost had to hand her toilet paper.

My almost-editor is going to the Oscars and I urinated next to Judy Bloom. I’d say we’re a match made in literary heaven.

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