Big Doings

Kittens, it has been a busy week. This weekend is the big-time bridge event – the Ruff-n-Sluff Non-Life Master Tournament. Yes, even though I’ve been playing bridge for 12 years, I am still a NON-life master. Awesome. In any event, as Chairman of the tournament, I’ve been running around gathering gift cards, finding partners, and ordering cookies all so that everyone can come together this weekend in a concentrated effort to beat me. That’s why they all come, right? Just to give me low boards!

I’ve been able to accomplish a lot this week, even though I was exhausted from camping, Moon had a friend over, and I did an impromptu screening of Sense and Sensibilities – LOVE that movie. Despite all of THAT, you’ll be glad to know I have my bidding britches laid out and ready to wear tomorrow.

Speaking of my great big bidding britches, I’ve reached a high point on the scale. Because, as my friend John said, “At least you keep TRYING to lose weight,” I’ve decided on ANOTHER diet. This time I’ve ordered a 30 day supply of pre-made meals. I haven’t gotten the box yet, but I’ll be sure and keep you posted on how much weight I lose.

Stay tuned to see how many points I win, and how many pounds I lose. If either one is over ONE, I’ll be surprised.


One thought on “Big Doings

  1. Are you and Marie on the same diet? She lost 50 pounds so you will be really skinny.

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