Between Storms

Remember when old people used to just sit around, chew snuff and whittle? Those were the good old days. NOW they show up with a list of addresses, a GPS and a pocket full of dollar bills clamoring for you to hurry before all of the good yard sale items are gone.

And they exist on 4 hours of sleep.

Despite the running around and lack of REM sleep, I had a great time with Mom and Aunt Faye. I got a new table, Mom got a truck full of furniture, and Faye got what can only be her 213th pot. Win! Kit came along to navigate and picked up an apron for her trouble. Also a backache from helping mom load her truck full of furniture, but a small price to pay, right?

No sooner had they left the driveway when JD pulled in with Moon’s buddy for a sleepover. Nothing says “catch up on your sleep” like two 12 years olds who haven’t seen each other in months. While they ran around laying waste, I worked in the office.

If my weekend was exciting enough already, I worked at church in the nursery. With the BABIES. There’s a reason God doesn’t let 40ish year old women get pregnant very often. I’m too old for the life I lead.

Where does one get snuff anyway?

One thought on “Between Storms

  1. I think you would have to go back to Cuma and Bob’s generation for the whittle and snuff. You are lucky we don’t come on walkers and want you to help us get around.

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