Best. Babysitters. Ever.

So all of my family and half my friends have seen these already but I thought they were worth showing to the rest of you. The rest of the four of you who read this blog and aren’t related to me. On Saturday, my brother and sister-in-law asked if we’d watch the newest member of the family. We said, “YES!” and immediately began thinking of ways we could photograph her. Our young friend, Sara, was spending the night and she told us about some chick in Finland that takes photos while her baby’s asleep. Photos of what her baby is DREAMING about, scenes she creates with things she has laying around the house. I was like, if some chick in FINLAND can do that, we can do that. I don’t even know where Finland IS, hello?

Besides, don’t all babies dream of Star Wars?

and walking the dog?

We also did a few sweet ones to make sure they let us keep her again.

You can see more and larger versions HERE.

We can’t wait to next time. Tatooine was just the beginning. The ice planet of Hoth should be fun. I hope the baby remembers to dress warmly.

3 thoughts on “Best. Babysitters. Ever.

  1. Ok, they all turned out AMAZING!!!! LOVE THEM!!! Aren’t you so happy Go blessed you with such a cooperative niece!!!!??? So FUN!!!

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