Bed Potato

Kittens, I’m not going to lie. This may not be the most exciting Zolligirl post you’ve ever read. Well, after yesterday’s bridge post, anything would seem boring, but this is pretty bad. I blame my daughter.

Last night, as we were heading to bed, she reminded me to PLEASE stay in bed in the morning. See, I have this “Breakfast in Bed” coupon that has been hanging around since Mother’s Day and she REALLY wanted me to use it before school started. So I stayed in bed like a good mom. And waited. And waited. Turns out the kid sleeps late. So I read a book until she FINALLY got up and coerced her dad into cooking me eggs and toast at around 10:30.

Along with the breakfast, they brought me my laptop, and this is where it gets sad and pathetic. Since breakfast in bed was so good, why not lunch? Yes, Kittens, I stayed in bed, WORKING and eating, until 3:30.

And then I stomped around the house wondering why I had gained so much weight.

Then I made a crumb cake to take to bridge.  The end.

(Check back tomorrow when I may actually shower and walk to the mailbox. Emphasis on MAY.)

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