Balloon Animal House

Hello, Kittens! I feel like I’ve had a fairly productive day considering I haven’t done a lot. Despite my bad back, JD and I managed to get to the gym this morning and I ran/walked about 3 miles. I recently read the twitter feed of an obnoxious sorority girl and it included this gem –

Hey, lady on the treadmill at 3.7 mph, why bother?

Harsh. I made sure to put my water bottle in front of the mph area so smart-a%& girls could find something ELSE to tweet about. Maybe the fact that JD kept hitting his headphones and pulling his Ipod off the ledge and onto the treadmill, then watched helplessly as it shot across the gym floor? Distracting, amiright?

After all that tomfoolery, I came home, rushed through a shower and went to the bridge club. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to play. I was there to talk about the upcoming tournament in July, drop off some flyers, think about prizes, etc. While I was there I found out that there’s going to be a fundraiser for the Alzheimer’s Association called The Longest Day where you play bridge from sunup to sundown. The Longest Day? How about The Most Perfect Day EVER! You know me, I won’t rest till Alzheimer’s is no more and if I have to play bridge all day, every day, I will do it!

THEN I went to see the Radigals and we talked about all kinds of stuff that I can’t tell or they’d kick me out, or worse, tell all the stuff they know about me. But you should know they lie.

I picked up Moon from school and got the usual, “Yes, the test was easy. Yes, I’m sure I passed it. Can I have Subway, I’m STARVING.” I gave in since I had to stop at WalMart anyway, and while she was ordering, I bought balloons to practice making balloon animals. Our church is helping out at a local school festival and we’ll be painting faces and making legless balloon dogs, at least that’s what the kids will get if they are counting on me. WAY harder than it looks. Moon, however, has mastered the pinch-twist and has made dogs, a snail, a parrot and a multitude of swords. Plan B in case her confidence in her grades is misplaced.

The best of the night has to go to JD though.

It’s not Darth Vader, but it’ll do.

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