Bad. Mood.

Kittens, this has not been my day. First of all, and it’s hard to admit this publicly, but I’m not a very good bridge player. Shocking, I know. But it’s the painful truth. Tonight my bridge partner didn’t even show! He. Stood. Me. Up. That’s cold, even for bridge players. So I played with some poor woman who drove an HOUR from Atlanta only to come in on the bottom. If you hear of an old lady driving the wrong way on the interstate that’s my partner, confused and/or suicidal from my poor play.

On top of that, I’m starving! It’s been three days of nothing but natural food and to what end? I’ve lost .04 pounds and JD has lost SIX POUNDS. We may not make it to our 16th anniversary, I’m just saying.

But who cares? Tomorrow is a new day, right? Wrong. I have an appointment at the, ahem, female doctor. I called on Monday to make an appointment, figuring surely it’d be a few weeks before they could take me, but NO. I have to have the only doctor that has openings in all of Marietta. The nurse had the nerve to ask me why I hadn’t been in since 2008. Hello? You’re a FEMALE doctor. Some people are dense. I can’t WAIT for them to tell me how much weight I’ve gained in the last 4 years.

On second thought, that old lady driving up a one-way street? It’ll probably be me.

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