Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Let’s see, I’m sitting here in my living-room with the fire blazing, wearing a scarf, a hat, and fur-lined boots. Winter is officially upon us. Not that I’m not normally sitting around in a hat, but with this weather, no one is making fun of me for looking like a homeless person.

Speaking of the homeless, the Atlanta missions have been asking for emergency cots so that they don’t have to turn anyone away. Can you imagine being out in this weather with nothing but a cardboard box to sleep in? Schools in Cobb County are out tomorrow so that the kids don’t have to stand outside and I’m wondering how many children in our communities don’t have decent coats.

I’ve spent some time looking online for the needs of local ministries, but it’s frustrating to me that I have to look so hard. I get busy, then I forget, and before you know it, all my good intentions are for naught.

I need more poor people in my life.

I’ve been struggling lately with how INTENTIONAL I have to be in order to make a difference. My work takes place in front of the computer, so I have to be intentional in exercising. The people around me do well financially, at least by global standards, so I have to be intentional about finding people to help. Everything is designed to keep me happy and entertained and I have to be intentional about breaking out of this bubble and living a REAL, authentic, connected life.

I’m good at one or two things, but being intentional is not one of them. Sigh.

Tomorrow, I’ll go through the blankets and coats that we have piled around the house and see if I can get JD to take them to MUST Ministries.

That’s my intention anyway.

This is for the rest of you.

Enjoy and stay warm!

One thought on “Baby, It’s Cold Outside

  1. We don’t need any more poor in the family we have enough. Keep one quilt for my bed. You have a giving heart and seem to find people to help everywhere without looking to far.

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