Atlanta: Recalculating

Here’s what really happened to Atlanta. It wasn’t the snow or the sprawl or inept politicians that caused the giant problem, the blame falls squarely on us. What were we thinking? The weather report started on Monday by saying there was a 30% chance of snow for Tuesday, but that climbed throughout the day, first to 50%, then finally 70% by Monday evening. I kept checking the Cobb County website, because SURELY they’d cancel school, but no, schools remained open. While Moon was getting dressed on Tuesday, I thought briefly about keeping her home anyway, but the pressure of those unexcused absences and thoughts of what she might miss, and GRADES convinced me to go ahead and send her.

Once it started snowing, I wanted JD to go and bring her home, but it was 11:30, her lunch time, so we waited an hour. THANKFULLY, that was all we waited or who knows when or IF we’d gotten her at all.

I’m sure lots of people had the same thought. Why am I going to work, why am I sending my kid off, why am I still here when the snow is sticking? Somewhere in the back of our minds, I guess we kept thinking the powers-that-be, the GOVERNMENT had it all under control. It’s like those people you hear about who are stranded in the middle of the desert because they listened to their GPS and just kept going, long after common sense told them they’d made a wrong turn. We’ve become so dependent on the government, so used to being told what to do, we’ve forgotten how to THINK for ourselves.

I agree with Al Roker – our elected officials gambled that the snow would pass us, or that they’d have time to treat the roads once it was a sure thing – so they decided not to pre-treat the roads to save money.

The good stories that you’re hearing, the ones about strangers taking food out to the streets and offering their homes as temporary lodging, those were stories about the PEOPLE of Atlanta, not the elected officials. And I bet those people were Democrats, Republicans, Independents and Libertarians. One day, we’ll all realize that our problems are not with the people that vote differently from us, but with the people we’ve all been voting FOR.

Or maybe I’m wrong. That dude in the back looks totally trustworthy.

2 thoughts on “Atlanta: Recalculating

  1. The way I know that snow is in the forecast is I see the roads are white where the salt trucks have sprayed. If snow is forecast schools are call off that day. The forecasters are right most of the time so the south should listen. Ice, cars and hills make traveling hard so they should try to avoid the mess.

  2. Your comments about responsibility are right on. “Course, everybody is looking for a scape goat when something like the snow and ice y’all had up there happens. I’ve seen it much worse in Rome and Athens, though.

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