Are You Ready for Some Randomness?

1. I started a new diet today. Instead of eating breakfast or lunch, you drink 2 Slimfast shakes. Then you eat a sensible dinner.

2. Well, that’s one way to do it. Or you could down two shakes by noon, the stumble into the kitchen like a human Hoover and suck down everything between you and the back of the fridge.

3. (Pop Culture alert) – Jesse James said when he looks back on his life with Sandra Bullock, he wants to “punch that guy in the face.” That makes it unanimous.

4. Moon was in a class play today and she stole every scene. Even the one where she stood in the back, silent and  grinning at the audience. If those three silly pigs had moved out of the way it would have been a much better production.

5. (Political alert) – Newt announced he was running for President, then obviously realizing what that would entail, committed political suicide by trashing the GOP/Ryan budget proposal. Cause just calling himself “Newt” wasn’t enough.

6. Today I was standing in the kitchen and suddenly I thought, “I wonder how Will and Kate are doing?”

7. School is out in 6 more days and we’ve decided as a family to limit our TV watching to 1 hour per day.

8. And by “our”, I mean Moon’s. I’ll be catching up on Army Wives on Netflix.

9. I played Bunco for the first time tonight. I’ve officially given up the battle to be cool. Give me some Sketcher’s ShapeUps and be done with it.

10. Today I read an article that said for more effective blog headlines, ask a question. Do you feel manipulated?

3 thoughts on “Are You Ready for Some Randomness?

  1. I bet the one hour TV last as long as the diet. What will she do the other 23 hours?

  2. Bunco??? How are we ever going to get you to Life Master if you are wasting valuable bridge time playing Bunco? I’m just sayin’…

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