And Then There was Tuesday

Is there a universal law that says Mondays have to stink? Cause mine did, so no need to ticket me, Officer, it was rank. Well, at least I thought it was until I started cataloging all of the bad things in my head and one was, “and my dishwasher doesn’t work”, and I realized maybe I ought to shut it before God REALLY gives me something to cry about.

So let’s just skip Monday on this update because my weekend was quite nice. I started feeling better and on Saturday, JD and Moon were out of the house so I caught up on work. It’s nice every now and then to have peace and quiet around the house. Once they got back, we went to AmmoGuy’s house to pick up the cousin, which always makes for a nice evening. Two pre-teen girls can find a LOT to talk about, and they don’t need you around supervising, so just go back to your Netflix!

On Sunday we met some friends for church and then they treated us all to Houston’s for lunch. Really, can I pick friends or what?   After lunch, we went back to AmmoGuy’s and ate again. It was a day of culinary delight and the only thing that would have made it better is if they had done it two weeks ago when I was actually eating food. That would have been awesome.

But the juice/raw/cooked veggie diet continues. I’m doing 10%/80%/10% because that’s the mathematical formula most likely to yield results. And by “results”, I mean “no violence.”

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