And the Oscar for Best Blog goes to..

I’m not gonna lie – that was some crap Oscars. Seth MacFarlane had about three good jokes and the rest was a total snooze fest. Even the acceptance speeches were rushed and stupid. If I had won an Oscar I would have started with this:

I saw Jaws when I was 12 years old and it ruined the ocean for me forever. If I hear that theme in the middle of my Oscar moment I am going to LOSE IT Spielberg.

It’s good to be prepared.

Watching the show made me a little tired this morning, but I managed to write, work, and clean house. I use the term, “clean” loosely. Also, “work”.

I won’t have time tomorrow for any of that craziness as I will be much too busy preparing my speech for the Board of Commissioners. It goes something like this:

When I was 12, I read the book, Chicken Little and have loved chickens every since. And if you people don’t give me my chickens, I am going to LOSE IT.

It’s a very versatile speech.

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