And Now We’re On to Christmas

Other than that bridge thing where I played like I’d never seen cards before, I had a great Thanksgiving. The food, the family, laying on the couch and reading – it was a lovely, restful weekend. For ME. My mother-in-law took MoonPie to the pier and the movies, cooked for us, let the dogs in and out 42 times, made dressing and roasted pecans, and generally treated us like royalty. Somehow she managed NOT to cry when we left.

We got back Saturday night, slept in, went to church on Sunday, then came home and decorated our tree. It’s our tradition – the weekend after Thanksgiving, we bake cookies, put on the Christmas music, and drag out every ornament we’ve ever purchased. I’m not going to lie – our tree is not decorated especially well. I know that there are people who do “theme” trees, all red and gold, or white and silver, etc. If we had a theme it would be “hodgepodge”.

It’s not the fanciest tree, but it’s full of memories. Like the candy cane that was included when we got our Jesus Tree. And the pink pig I got from the Cartouche bridge club. And the orange University of Tennessee ornament I got to add a little class to the house.

Decorating the house in a festive but elegant manner is very important to me.

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