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INDIA! Did you think I’d forgotten? Never. In fact, I don’t think of India as that place I WENT a few weeks ago, but rather as that place I’m going BACK to in 11 months.

India, I know you’ve not OFFICIALLY invited me back, but I’m coming. And I’m bringing two more people with me. If you didn’t want me to return, you shouldn’t have seduced me with your all-you-can-eat rice buffets and 4 hours of electricity each day.

I’ve got a year to get Team Tyre ready. JD is easy. I had him at all-you-can-eat. The MoonPie is a little tougher. We’ve already made great strides in her behavior. We’ve adopted a Rupees Reward system and she is loving it. My biggest concern though has been her eating habits. This is a child who lives on chicken nuggets, bacon and ribs. Anytime I ask her to try something new, the conversation goes something like this.

Me: Try it, you’ll like it.

MP: No thanks.

Me: Seriously. It’s mashed potatoes. It’s like smashed french fries. You LOVE french fries.

MP: No thanks.

Me: Try it or no dessert!

MP: Fine. Takes a bite the size of a pea, mimics vomiting, runs to the trash can and spits it out. That was HORRIBLE.

So I haven’t been super excited about introducing her to rice.

Behold –

She’s TRYING it!

She likes it She’s eating it.

If that’s not confirmation from God, I don’t know what IS!

Still, I think I’ll wait before introducing her to sambhar. No need to use all of God’s miracles at once.

6 thoughts on “And now back to –

  1. Maybe she will learn to eat with a fork again. I am watching for child abuse in case you don’t know. I shall start praying you forget about going back to India soon.

  2. Dear Lisa (and JD and MP)

    You are officially invited to return to India. See you in 2011. Be excited, these official invitations are quite rare.


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